Mike, @Rapido Espresso Bar

Each Barista has a story. Here is Fanny's story.

“For me, a nice coffee is the equivalent of having a nice whisky” Mike is a professional Barista at Rapido Espresso Bar. He started his career at the Café Art Java near Mcgill Metro and decided to become a professional Barista when he realized that instead of being a student who worked at a coffee shop, he was a barista studying on a side. For Mike, having a cup of coffee is having a social experience. One of his greatest privileges as a barista is meeting hundreds of people from around the world every day. 85% of his job is talking to people, getting to know them, and serving the best coffee he can “Being of service to people is what I have a passion for”. On his days off he enjoys brewing a nice cup of coffee at home and having friends over. One of his favorite coffee story:  A client of his, brings his 165 pounds Great Dane called Cesar, and then a kid (4-5 years old) comes in and decides to take a pony ride on the dog. “For about 10 to 15 minutes my café was a circus. It was very nice”. His type of coffee: Cortado Coffee By Roaster: Kittel (Find it in Café Pagaille and Café Hublot)

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