Meet Ali Inay: Instragram influencer +

Ali Inay (@inayali) is the founder and content creator of #MtlCafeCrawl.

Like many of us, the Montreal-based photographer began taking pictures when out working in coffee shops. After a while he decided to start the hashtag to showcase his coffee-related photographs in Montreal to his friends and followers. Soon enough, the hashtag #MtlCafeCrawl caught on and evolved into an unofficial yet influential guide for local coffee shops around the city. Its impossible to deny the vast power of social media today. So what can social media bring to local coffee shops? Discovery. "People are always trying to be the first at everything. Social media allows people to discover new places and lead these places through support and culture. Meet new people, new owners, and taste their coffee". So what is it that makes the Montreal coffee community so unique? According to this coffee lover, its the fact that it is a very humble city and its always trying to improve. "In general, coffee is still affordable which democratizes the coffee scene here. The coffee is cheaper for Montreal and its large student body." Ali says. Favorite drink: Espresso alongee (Long expresso) We selected some of his pictures in the gallery.          

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