Louis Philippe, a coffee lover with a dream

Each cup of coffee unfolds a new story. Here is Louis Philippe's story.

Coffee is an acquired taste, but for some of us, it is more than that. Meet Louis Philippe, a coffee lover with a dream: to open a coffee shop.  I decided to write about his story while I was at Saint Henri Micro-torrefacteur and I noticed him reading The Coffee Roaster's Companion by Scott Rao (Coffee Consultant and Co-founder of your favorite Cafe Myriade). The saying, "you are what you read" turned out to be right with Louis Philippe. His first interaction with coffee was through his family business, but his own passion for coffee and the art of making a good cup of joe have driven him into learning and discovering about the coffee world from his own unique perspective.  In fact, he is currently in El Salvador following his dreams and volunteering for a coffee plantation.

What he likes in coffee shops: The atmosphere, the type of music in the background and the overall decoration. And most important of all : The people, the interaction with the baristas and amongst the clientele.  "You can start conversations with random people you have seen before but you wouldn't talk to in other situations". Specially Micro-roasteries. They touch people"

Coffee or tea? Coffee.

Favorite type of coffee: Filter coffee. Favorite coffee shop: Le couteau, because of their rich coffee and their siphon.  

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