Caffè della Pace, More than a Peaceful Cup of Coffee

Homemade food and Illy coffee or early coffee and book time? Located in the Outremont neighbourhood, Caffe Della Pace offers a delicious combination of light meals, coffees and teas. Vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free options can be found to satisfy all your choice. The name tells us all, this coffee shops offers a peaceful, welcoming and familiar atmosphere. At the corner, the brown classic piano invites you to play your favorite songs, or the cozy couches are the perfect place that you want to sit back and relax while having your coffee. Interestingly, owner of Caffe Della Pace must be a book lover, or maybe a book collector. He loves to see everyone trade in their old books. Caffe Della Pace is not only for coffee lovers, it's also for those who want to host seminars, community meetings, workshops, and others private events. So whether you want to catch up with a friend, have a homemade veggie sandwich, or enlighten yourself with some of the workshops offered during evenings, Caffè della Pace is worth the visit. 1002 Avenue Van Horne, Montréal, QC H2V 1J5 Cafe Della Pace 1  Cafe Della Pace 2 CDP Pictures by Caffe della Pace

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