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We know you love coffee as much as we do. So we decided to curate the best coffee accessories for you.

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We selected carefully our suppliers to make your morning coffee ritual amazing...

Third Wave Coffee Accessories

We are all about third wave coffee shops. To help you prepare a good cup of coffee it takes the best equipment.

We are all about coffee...

In 2016, we launched an App called Crema App in 8 different cities. We wanted to share our passion for third wave coffee shops and thank them to be part of our daily routine. Crema App is a coffee guide that maps more than 500 coffee shops in North America and Europe. After making you discover some awesome new places we decided to curate for you the best coffee accessories. That's how Crema Shop is born. 

Discover the best indie coffee shops in your city

Crema is available in 8 different cities! Montreal, Quebec city, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, San Francisco, Paris and Berlin. 

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Third wave essentials



This lightweight plastic dripper guarantees great coffee on the go, brewing extraordinary coffee right into your cup. Designed for manual, pour-over brewing, it allows you to choose your ideal brewing time and temperature.

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Professional Tamper

This tamper fits all espresso machines that have a 58 mm or 54 mm filter basket. If you are unsure what size the filter basket is in your home espresso machine, please check with the manufacturer. 

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Wooden Kettle

We love this kettle. It's just the right equipment for making a pour-over or Chemex. Not recommended for direct heating over a gas flame.

It holds approximately 700ml.

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